Introducing EPIQ Fuel Economy

Exclusive to the Model 579, EPIQ enhances fuel economy and aerodynamic efficiency resulting in up to 8% improved fuel efficiency. EPIQ improves aerodynamic performance using Computational Fluid Dynamic and incorporates all available aerodynamic enhancement and closeouts.


Other Features in EPIQ:
  • A single horizontal exhaust configuration or a single right-hand back-of-sleeper exhaust configuration
  • The SmartTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System that provides operators with real-time tire pressure and temperature information
  • Low rolling resistance tires that minimize friction between tires and the road
  • Optimized spec’ing software to fully realize the benefits of EPIQ by recommending the most fuel efficient rear axle ratios and engine settings, among other options

Aerodynamic Components and Closeouts:
  • 3-piece bumper with aero bumper dam
  • Aerodynamic hood with wheel closeouts
  • Mx-13 engine / transmission enhancements
  • Driver performance assistant coaching technology
  • Exterior mirror
  • Optimized sun visor
  • Pulled forward roof fairing
  • Roof fairing close-out and trailer bridge
  • Extenders with rubber guard
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Side skirts (above and below chassis fairing)
  • Extended chassis fairings with kick-out