Leasing with John Deere Financial


John Deere Financial provides a low-cost, low-risk alternatives to purchasing equipment or choosing installment loans. Lease agriculture equipment for fewer upfront costs, lower monthly payments, access to the latest technology and the ability to adapt to changing workloads.

John Deere Financial knows equipment: how it's used and what it means to you and your operation. And we're committed to ensuring your leasing works as hard and reliable for you as your equipment does. Read more about leasing with John Deere Financial.

Leasing FAQs

Q: What makes leasing preferable to an installment loan?
A: You pay only for the use of the equipment. Whether you choose a short-term lease (two to three years) or a long-term lease (four to five years), your payment will only be for the selected term.

Q: What sort of down payment can I expect with a lease?
A: A lease generally requires one annual payment up front. The up-front payment is also known as an advance payment.

Q: I’ve always owned my equipment. Why should I start leasing now?
A: Leasing lets you use the equipment only as long as you need it, and then return it with no further obligation. Compare costs. Make sure you ask your John Deere dealer to give you a quote for an installment note and a lease.

Q: Will I have lower payments with a loan or a lease?
A: In most cases, a lease gives you lower payments. Since cash flow is always a concern for a profitable operation, leasing is often your best option. In addition, a lease not only provides lower payments but also a shorter contract period.

Q: Why package the lease with PowerGard™ Protection Plan extended warranty?
A: Your equipment will be more marketable at the end of the lease term. On select equipment, you can purchase PowerGard with no increase in payment. Keep your equipment in warranty throughout the term of you