Buying equipment with cash rather than financing sounds smart, but determining if that is the best solution for you is not quite as simple.  Growing your business takes cash, and business opportunities sometimes present themselves unexpectedly.  Let's discuss the various benefits of securing financing and the options available, some of which are noted below:

Finance Lease - Free up cash by paying taxes monthly rather than paying all the tax at the time of purchase.

Residual / Buyout Options - Design a payment you're comfortable with.

Fixed and Variable Rate Interest - Protect your cash flow from interest rate increases or take advantage of a lower monthly payment.

Seasonal Payments / Accelerated Payments - Design a payment schedule that suits your cash flow.

Fair Market Value Lease - Lease equipment for a designated number of months with lower monthly payments and end of lease options to continue to lease, return the equipment or purchase the equipment at the then determined fair market value price of the equipment. 

Protection Plans - Life and Disability coverage to protect your investment, business and family.
Gap Down Payment Waivers - If your vehicle is a total loss due to theft, fire or accidental damage, the difference between your vehicle insurance company’s payment and the balance of your loan will be covered. Down payment reimbursement is also available to further protect your financial investment in your equipment making the purchase of a replacement vehicle very easy.

For more information on how we can help determine your financing options, please stop by or contact our Finance & Insurance Manager for details.