Inspections for all makes and models of trucks

Keep your truck running at peak performance with Brandt Inspections. We perform multi-point and safety inspections on all makes and models to ensure your equipment meets safety standards and maximize output.

Brandt Safety Inspections

Brandt Safety Inspections provide a comprehensive review of key safety items, including brakes, powertrain, steering, suspension, wheels, electrical and more. All of our inspections come with a truck health report which our manufacturer-certified technicians thoroughly review with you.

Brandt Multi-Point Inspections

Free Brandt Multi-Point Inspections offer a comprehensive 26-point review of your truck, including your truck’s oil, aftertreatment system, battery, alternator, and more. With Brandt Multi-Point Inspections, our technicians will evaluate repairs that need to be done today and those that can wait.
Brandt Inspections provide truck health checks to increase productivity and ensure your truck meets safety requirement. Keep your truck on the road, avoid downtime and protect your investment with our inspections. 

Schedule An Inspection

Keep your truck on the road and money in your pocket. Book your inspection today to prevent downtime, optimize performance and protect your investment. 

Rapid Check

Bring in your machine, and we'll provide diagnostics within 2 hours or less. 

Peterbilt Specials

See our specials on Peterbilt parts, services, equipment and accessories.