Maximize your machine with a Performance Upgrade Kit!

Is your farm equipment just not cutting it anymore? (Or seeding, harvesting or baling it?) Trading it in is not your only option. Save money and maximize your machine’s potential with a John Deere Performance Upgrade Kit from Brandt! Talk to one of our experts about what your equipment’s capable of—there’s a beast in there just waiting to get out!

Air Drill Kits

Upgrade your air drill to improve accuracy and reduce downtime this season.

Tractor Kits

Get the most out of your tractor—and everything it pulls—all season long.

Sprayer Kits

Spray more precisely and reduce input costs with Sprayer Performance Enhancement Kits.

Haying Kits

Enhance your baler, mower conditioner or self-propelled forage harvester for a cleaner cut and better performance.

Combine Kits

Enhance your combine's performance, comfort and power.