Your operation will benefit by ensuring maximum value from your equipment, reducing downtime caused by mid-season repairs, and more!

  • Lower your total cost of operation over the life of your equipment.

  • Save time and leave the repairs to us, so you can focus on other priorities.

  • Find the right part at the right price for your equipment at Brandt, whether it’s from John Deere, A&I, or Sunbelt.

  • Get up to one-year warranty on parts and labour when installed by a Brandt Agriculture technician.


Equipment Type Price
4WD Tractor $1,595.00
Row Crop Tractor $1,495.00
Air Drill/Seeder and Cart  $1,595.00
Sprayer $2,195.00
Self Propelled Mower Conditioner (MoCo) $1,295.00
Pull-Type Mower Conditioner (MoCo) $945.00
Windrower w/ Draper Platform $1,295.00
Round Baler $945.00
Large Square Baler $1,295.00
Combine $2,295.00
Self-Propelled Forage Harvester $2,395.00


Equipment Type Price
4WD Walkaround $259.00
Row Crop Walkaround $339.00
On-Farm Loader Tractor Walkaround $369.00
Sprayer Walkaround $259.00
Nutrient Applicator Walkaround $259.00
Mower Conditioner (MoCo) Walkaround $259.00
Windrower with Draper Platform Walkaround $259.00
Baler Walkaround Quick Check $259.00


Equipment Type Why Is This Service Important? Price
Air Conditioner Health Check for All Equipment  Beat the heat and ensure your air conditioning is in proper working order. $175.00
Hydraulic Pump Flow Check for All Tractors Make sure your tractor is putting out the maximum flow to run your implements correctly. $87.50
Air Cart Winterization for Air Drill/Seeder The metering system on your cart is a precision tool that fertilizer and seed treatments can corrode if not properly winterized. $700.00
Fuel System Flush for Sprayers Proactively avoid problems with power loss caused by contaminants in your fuel system with a fuel system flush. $262.50
Hub Oil Replacement for Sprayers To increase the life of you hubs, keep your oil clean. It is important to remember that overfilling your hubs can cause overheating, resulting in various problems, including hub failure. $87.50/per hub
Full Surface Wrap Adjustment for Balers A misaligned or uneven net wrap setup can result in numerous adjustments and repairs while you are in the field.  $218.75

Have a job that is not on the list? Ask us about pricing for any job. 

+ Add Plus Services to Inspection

Plus Services include the labour to change engine, transmission, hydraulic systems oil, flters, air & fuel flters (and oil in gearcases and planetaries, adjust all belts for combines, self-propelled sprayers and self-propelled forage harvesters only). Parts and fluids are not included in the price of Plus Services.


  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Change all hydraulic/hydrostatic/trans filters
  • Change engine gear case oil filter
  • Change primary countershaft gear case oil
  • Change feeder house reverser gear case oil
  • Change overshot beater gearcase oil
  • Change engine air filters
  • Change debris management air filter
  • Change fuel filters
  • Change cab filters
  • Clean or replace fuel tank breather
  • Clean or replace diesel exhaust fluid tank breather
  • Fill window washer fluid
  • Set all tire pressures
  • Adjust all chains and belts on combine & header


  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Change air filters
  • Change hydraulic oil & filters
  • Clean suction screen
  • Change transmission filter
  • Change steering filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Change sediment bowl/ inline filter
  • Change cab filters
  • Change recirculating filter
  • Fill window washer
  • Lubricate fan sheave

Brandt’s Uptime Guarantee

When Brandt inspects and repairs your equipment, you’re protected when it matters most. Every job we do comes with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

If your machine goes down in season, we’ll fix it within 24 hours. If that’s not possible, we’ll bring you a replacement machine right away to keep you running until yours is fixed.*

Warranty Options

With Brandt inspections, John Deere offers exceptional warranty options to give you peace of mind. In case the unexpected does happen, it is important to know the details of your warranty agreement.  

  • All John Deere parts come with at least a 6-month warranty from the time of delivery.
  • Warranty covers the repair or replacement costs of any covered part found to be defective during the warranty period.
  • To receive coverage for a defective part, you must report the product defect to Brandt within the warranty period.

Contact The Service Team

Get in touch with your local Brandt Service department to book.

Seasonal dates vary between equipment type.  Please ask your local Brandt dealer for more information.

*Offer is only valid on combines, sprayers, and tractors. Conditions apply; see store for details.