Highline Manufacturing

Choose from extensive collection of Highline Manufacturing bale processors, bale movers, rock pickers, or ditch mowers that fits the needs of your operation. 

Bale Processor

The industry leading Highline Bale Processors are jam packed with new features to ensure they are working effectively for your operation.

Feed Mixer

The Highline® Feed Mixer is the complete solution to feeding livestock. It delivers excellent mix consistency, while being extremely durable due to improved drum strength.

Rock Removal

The Highline Rock Picker is designed with durable components that are sure to remain solid year after year. Available in both 60" and 78" sizes, there is an option available for every operation.

Round Bale Mover

The Highline Round Bale movers allow you to haul up to 14 bales at once and you allows for faster bale hauling with only one tractor and operator ever needed. Pickup and unload your bales without ever leaving the cab. 

Large Square Bale Stackers

Clear the field quickly and effectively with a Highline FaStack™. These revolutionary machines make it possible for one operator to retrieve bales from the field while minimizing costs and maximizing productivitly.

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