Weather Station Packages

The next best thing to predicting the weather is having a clear understanding of what is happening in your fields. Location specific data can improve the quality of the decisions you make by giving you more information to base your actions on.

CAP Funding Available (Alberta only)
Through the Farm Technology Program, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) is looking to support Alberta producers with a two-year pilot program focusing on farm technology and security. Their 50/50 rebate program includes the RealmFive Weather Station. To learn more about receiving your 50% rebate, contact your local Precision Ag Specialist or visit the Canadian Agricultural Partnership website for more information.

Basic Package


  • RealmFive Vantage Pro2 
  • Heavy Duty Tripod Kit 
  • SIM Card (1 yr service)
  • Farmgate Annual Subscription (1-4 stations)
Starting at $3,537.66

Advanced Package


  • RealmFive Vantage Pro2 
  • Flex Wireless Flex Device
  • Heavy Duty Tripod Kit 
  • John Deere Moisture Probe (install & removal)
  • SIM Card (1 yr service)
  • Crop Intelligence w/ Farmgate Subscription
Starting at $6,771.93


  • Crop Intelligence w/ Farmgate Subscription, $599.00
  • SIM Card (1 yr service), $275.00
  • Farmgate Annual Subscription
    • 1-4 stations, $199.00
    • 5+ stations, $599.00

How Crop Intelligence Works

The Crop Intelligence app gathers and interprets soil moisture to provide a water driven yield potential model for your land. By partnering with South Country, the providers of the Crop Intelligence app, Brandt offers detailed data specific to your farm land to improve your return on investment.

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