John Deere Sprayers

Whether the conditions are pre or post, wet or dry, spring, summer or fall — whatever the needs of the agricultural operation or custom application, John Deere's Sprayers lead the way in innovative ideas and have the features and options producers need to increase performance and uptime and lower their cost of operation.

John Deere introduces new 400 and 600 Series Sprayers

Three new 400 (408R, 410R and 412R) and two new 600 (612R and 616R) Series Sprayers have been introduced to deliver enhanced operator comfort, high-quality application and the most machine uptime possible.

John Deere Spraying ExactApply™

With individual nozzle control, automatic nozzle switching and pulse-width modulation of up to 30 Hz, operators can better manage spray drift, and have improved spray quality and precision with John Deere ExactApply™.

Optimise chemical usage with Section Control

Reduce overlap and minimise skips ensuring precise placement of crop protectants and nutrients.