Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

As farming and agriculture continue to evolve, the importance of data and technology is increasing. Collecting the right data and understanding the insights provided can result in important decisions. The Precision Ag team at Brandt can help you understand what information you need to collect and how to make the data actionable to improve your operation – no matter what your goals are.

Data Journey

Agriculture technology continues to change how you make decisions, manage and operate your farm. Your goals and which data to focus on also change depending on the season. By breaking the Data Journey into key components, you can identify where you are in the journey and which products and services best support your operation. 

2021 Precision Ag Guide

The foundational step in the Data Journey is collection of data. Ensuring you have the correct hardware, connections and integrated software provides seamless data collection and transfer. 
Data on its own isn't of much value. Understanding what is important, how to read and evaluate the information and which programs align with your goals provides you the framework to set your plan in motion to improve your operation.
Evaluating data and insights to understand what to do next may not be your top priority. Our team will work with you based on your schedule to give support and help clarify information, so you can feel confident when reviewing your data.
Information is great, but the impact comes from putting it into action. Using the data, you’ve collected, the insights gained from that data and knowing the goals of your operation, you can create an action plan to implement the changes or adjustments needed.

Your First Step

John Deere Operations Center is the central hub of information and data. As an integrative system, it gathers personalized and location specific machine, field and crop data. 

Precision Ag Products

Brandt  carries a variety of Precision Ag products and hardware. Having up-to-date hardware and software is important to the accuracy and integration of data and technology.

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