Turning Data into Decisions

Collecting data is the initial step in gaining insight to make informed and strategic decisions on your farm. To begin you will need: 
  • John Deere Operations Center
  • StarFire 6000 Receiver
  • Gen4 Display

Your First Step

John Deere Operations Center is the central hub of information and data. Managing your farm is made easier by keeping everything at your fingertips.


Receivers connect your equipment to your location and pulls data into the Operations Center through to your display. For the information to update, a subscription is required. 

Please note, ITC receivers are obsolete and require upgrading for your data be accessible.


For a visual representation of the data collected by your receiver and machine, an up-to-date display is required. Displays show you real-time data which can also be transferred and viewed within Operations Center.  

Weather Data Solutions

Use in-field weather stations and moisture probes to gather personalized/location specific information which can provide important insights into application and timing of other actions that could significantly impact yield. 

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*Limited availability of receivers and displays.  Contact your local Brandt dealership for more details.