Mounted Juwel 7 MT 4+1 L 100

The Juwel generation of mounted reversible ploughs combines reliability of use, operating comfort and high work quality in an unrivalled manner. 

  • The electrohydraulic control of the reversing mechanism allows the plough tilt to be set and saved directly from the tractor cabin. The set tilt can also be overridden for ploughing the first or last, shallower furrow.
  • Novel skimmers with an improved shape and optimised leg position ensure blockage-free ploughing even under difficult conditions. The working depth and angle can be adjusted easily and without tools.

*Additional models available


Tractor output (Hp) 90 - 160
Tractor output (kW) 66 - 118
Weight (kg) 1478
Working width (cm) 33, 38, 44, 50
# of furrows 4+1
Interbody clearance 100