Lemken Mounted EurOpal 5 3+1 N 90

LEMKEN’s mounted reversible ploughs are safe and reliable to use, robust and easy to tow, making them not only economical, but also very versatile. The mounted EurOpal ploughs with two to seven furrows stand out through their excellent stability and low weight. They are easy to tow and therefore extremely economical to use.

*Additional models available


  • Hydraulic turnover device UniTurn E 90
  • Double acting turnover device
  • Box section frame 110 x 110 x 8 mm
  • Setting Center Optiquick©
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2 (or Cat. 3 or 3N=L2 Z3)
  • Toolboxes, tools and shearbolts
  • Stand
  • Underframe clearance 75 cm (or 80 cm) with EurOpal 5,
  • underframe clearance 80 cm with EurOpal 5 X / HydriX
  • Two-piece shares (option: hard-faced one-piece stone shares)
  • Shape of Dural bodies B, C, D, P or W