Pearson Grader Blades

Continuing on with proven Pearson quality, the Mega Grader Blade range was developed for the larger tractors while the Mighty Grader Blades are ideal for track maintenance, backfilling, landscaping and vee draining. 

Mighty - Features:

  • Well-formed mouldboard offering excellent cleaning ability. They have reversible cutting edges.
  • Pins support both sides of the adjustment plate for strength and durability.
  • Super-strong, re-tensionable, greasable angle/pivot pins for long life. Monocoque chassis for extra strength.
  • All blades are fully reversible.
  • Super strong headstock using a 50mm pivot pin. Parking leg standard. Double clevis mounting to 3 point linkage.
  • Excellent movement in all three areas angle, camber, and offset.
  • Sizes available: 2.1m & 2.4m.

Mega - Features:

  • Extra heavy duty design.
  • Cat.3 linkage as standard.
  • 35mm greasable pins at ram pivot points.
  • DX bushes on all rotating 35mm pin parts.
  • Large 500mm diameter blade turntable.
  • Deep boxed mould board for extra rigidity.
  • Up to 130kg of water ballast is able to be added into the blade.
  • Heavy duty rams.
  • 60mm Headstock Pin.
  • 100mm Moldboard Pivot Pin.
  • Shorter sacrificial blades at end. All blades double edged.
  • Sizes available: 2.7m, 3.0m, 3.3m, 3.6m.