Pearson Forks

Make your loader far more versatile and eliminate manual lifting and double handling by adding a set of forks. 

Pallet Fork - Features:

Pearson pallet forks are an essential item for every farm. Pearson use high-grade 40mm steel plate to machine the carriage plates from to ensure that you get a long life of robust use on the farm. The forks themselves are solid forged as opposed to welded (for added strength) and can be easily adjusted to suit different pallet size with a quick and safe positioning lock system. 

1,500 at tip (1,900 at 500mm ctrs) 1120 1070
2,500 at tip (3,000 at 500mm ctrs) 1120 1220
     *Backplates available for all loaders

Silage Fork - Features:

Pearson Silage forks are known for their reliability and longevity; chances are you know a farmer who is using Pearson silage forks that were purchased by their parents decades ago. These extra tough Silage forks are made with high quality German tines forged from spring steel with a conus 1 welded taper bush for extra strength. Pearson silage forks come with a high-back frame to enhance stability when transporting loads.

1.3m wide 7 Tines 810
1.6m wide 9 Tines 810
1.8m wide 11 Tines 810
     *Backplates available for all loaders

Combo Fork - Features:

Handle big bales and silage without have to change implements in between! The Pearson Combo Fork is a popular choice for many farmers because it is built to last and saves you time. Made from thick wall RHS with hard-wearing 2 pack paint and high-quality German tines with conus 1 and 2 bushes to prevent loosening and spinning.

1.3m wide 7
1.6m wide 9
     *Backplates available for all loaders

Big Bale Fork - Features:

Pearson Big Bale forks are always in high demand and are perfect for all bales round or square! These forks come with high quality German tines which are locked in place with a heavy conus 2 designed to keep tines tight and prevent spinning over time. Choose extra-long 1.25m ties if you primarily handle round bales as this, couple with the safety fork minimises roll back risk and maximises operator safety when moving bales.

1.3 2 1.0
1.3 2 1.25
     *Backplates available for all loaders

Fencepost Clamp - Features:

Although primarily designed for contract fencers if you have an ongoing fencing programme on your farm then you will see a massive increase in productivity with one of these on hand. Start by using the base blade to quickly and easily clear fence lines and push out small stumps. Then load up with a full bundle of posts – the big, beefy design of this units means you can carry more as you go to get the job done sooner!

  • 35mm pins for sturdy construction
  • Replaceable Teflon bushes to prevent wear and tear on key componentry
Fence Post Clamp 1,455 285
     *Backplates available for all loaders