Goldacres Front Mount 1200L Sprayer

Compliment a rear mounted three point linkage sprayer by increasing your capacity with the fitment of a 1200L front mount spray module.

  • Available as a pre-configured “work ready” unit or as a built-up unit to suit your individual needs.
  • Super stylish low height European sourced rotationally moulded 1200L tank. A 20L handwash tank is incorporated, yet completely separated. This eliminates the possibility of any cross contamination between the clean water and the main tank mix.
  • 100L top mount rinse tank is fitted which can be used to flush out the pump and boom lines at the end of the spray job whilst still in the field.
  • Extra large hinged lid makes pouring in liquid or powder chemicals mess free.
  • High volume hydraulically driven Hypro 9303 centrifugal pump provides plenty of flow in a compact package.
  • A pump suction filter with three way ball valve allows the operator to switch between drawing from the main tank and the rinse tank. The off position also allows the suction strainer to be removed and cleaned even when the sprayer tank is full.
  • Twin pressure line filters greatly reduce the chances of nozzle blockages. The first filter is a coarse mesh while the second is finer.
  • Hydrojet agitator fitted to the tank greatly improves the consistency of the tank mix over the course of the spray job.
  • Chemical venturi probe is used to draw chemicals into the main tank. This type of chemical induction means that at no stage does neat chemical come into contact with the pump, which could cause corrosion problems.
  • Top mounted bottom fill allows the water to be pumped in through the top of the tank and down to the bottom. This method reduces foaming and also minimises the risk of contaminating the water source if the transfer pump stops unexpectedly.
  • All spray hoses are constructed using a Nitrile liner. This liner helps resist the effects of the most aggressive of chemicals from damaging the hose.
  • Two way electric section and pressure regulation control is fitted for easy in cab adjustment.