Goldacres G4V Crop Cruiser

Goldacres has observed this trend and designed a purpose-built sophisticated sprayer that is suited to the horticultural industry. Whilst from a distance the sprayer may look similar to its dry land broadacre and cotton sprayer cousins, a closer look will show it’s much different. Horticultural operators require slower speeds, higher water rates, narrow wheel tracks and a tight turning radius.

The all-new G4V sprayer from Goldacres offers a new level of performance and efficiency not seen before. The design is centred around a 4000L main product tank complemented by boom widths up to 36 metres Riding on large diameter 46” wheels and tyres combined with four-wheel steering to provide an outstanding ride and sprayer manoeuvrability. Cummins power coupled to a four-wheel drive hydro mechanical driveline all adds up to give the G4V outstanding tractive performance and efficiency results in almost any situation.

The G4V has been packaged with an uncompromising level of quality components, integrated systems, operator ergonomics and high-end specifications.

If you are serious about farming, then look no further than the G4V for your spraying solution.

The G4V Crop Cruiser utilizes a combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drive systems to transfer maximum power to all four wheels with minimum fuel usage. 
At the heart of the system is a single high capacity variable displacement hydraulic pump and motor. These two components form the hydrostatic part of the drive system and allow the operator to adjust the sprayer speed in smooth infinite amounts. In addition, the onboard computer adjusts the engine rpm to precisely match the required speed setting. The result is fuel usage averages as low as 14 l/hr and reduced cabin noise.

G4V four-wheel steering equals more hectares for cropping.
The fully welded semi truss rigid chassis features narrow frame rails, unique chassis and boom suspension system to allow very sharp steering angles even with large diameter wheels.
The switchable four-wheel steering (4WS) gives a turning radius of just 2.9m* (inside of tyre) when fitted with large diameter 380/90R46 tyres and a 1.81m wheel track.
The system is controlled using angle sensors fitted to both front and rear axles in conjunction with the central sprayer controller. When switching back to two-wheel steering (2WS) the rear wheels will automatically self-centre.
At speeds above 15km/h the 4WS will automatically disengage and revert back to 2WS. This greatly improves stability and safety at these higher speeds.

Designed to suit many Rowcrop applications the G4V sprayers feature track width adjustment by changing the dish and rim configuration.
Wheel tracks from 1.81m – 2.36m can be achieved by reversing the bolted rim and disk to allow up to 16 track width variations. Tyre size 380/90R46.
Special wheel tracks are available upon request.
The TriTech boom range is designed for operators who demand the utmost performance, reliability and control. Time and time again the TriTech boom has been named “No.1 for boom stability”*, which at the end of the day, gives a superior spray result.
Features such as hydraulic yaw which precisely controls the forwards and backward movement of the boom wings to minimise the under and over applying of chemical are now standard on all widths.
The strategically placed centre section suspension links help isolate the sprayer chassis movement over rough terrain. Combined with the tuned damping characteristics allows precise roll control enabling an optimal and consistent nozzle height to be maintained, even without the use of electronic height control systems**.
All TriTech booms are constructed using lightweight trussing techniques, which allows for a stronger design without weight, the enemy of boom agility.
The ultimate in flexibility, control and spraying precision.
The TriTech IFS is a product of 2 years of extensive engineering and design to give the operator the most flexible spraying solutions available.
Up to 14 different spraying configurations can be achieved with the IFS boom while retaining the TriTech 3 way suspension system for the ultimate control.
TriTech 3 way suspension dampens the forces of Yaw ( forwards / backwards movement ), Pitch ( up / down movement ) and Roll of the boom centre section. This provides a very stable platform for accurate spray distribution.