Goldacres G4 Crop Cruiser

The G4 Series Crop Cruiser self-propelled sprayer represents the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate.

It’s a formula that dates back almost two decades of self-propelled sprayer manufacturing know-how. In a class of its own with a combination of lightweight, high strength construction coupled with wide boom widths, the G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayer delivers high outputs, with low inputs.

Offering a full mechanical driveline and a combination of lightweight, high strength construction coupled with boom widths to 36 metres, the Crop Cruiser sprayers deliver high outputs with low inputs. Fuel usage figures as low as 9.6* litres per hour have been recorded over a combined 40 hours of use on a G4 Crop Cruiser fitted with the largest 36 metre boom.

The fuel efficiency of these machines is a direct result of the mechanical drive line allowing the Cummins engine and Allison automatic transmission to run at optimum efficiency with an average engine speed of just 1334 RPM. Lower operating RPM results in a less stressed driveline which greatly reduces maintenance and operating costs.

Goldacres self-propelled sprayers with a mechanical driveline system record some of the highest resale values on the market, further reducing the operators’ cost of ownership.

The latest model features an improved weight balance between front and rear axles to give a near perfect 50 / 50 weight split* helping to minimise soil compaction and better performance in wet conditions.
The combined result is minimal soil disturbance and the ability to get back on the ground sooner after rain events.

Clever design using a Cummins four-cylinder engine, an aluminium cased Allison transmission and mounting the main product tank directly into the chassis without the need for a tank cradle all significantly aid in the overall weight reduction, without sacrificing strength or reliability.

With a 4000L main tank, boom widths of upto 36 metres and tyre sizes as large as 480/80R46 and the option of mechanical direct 4 wheel drive system, combined with a low gross weight means the Crop Cruiser is virtually unstoppable in tough conditions.