Agrowdrill Vinyard Seeder

When size is the name of the game, choose an Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder. Narrow working widths means you can easily navigate trellises without compromising on the reliability, versatility, and performance you expect from Agrowdrill.

  • Narrow working width from 1.5 to 2.95m.
  • Coil and double disc undercarriages
  • Single and dual-box hoppers
  • 100x100x6mm RHS steel frames

Perfect for viticulture. The Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder is the perfect platform for sowing narrow spaces. Easily navigate vineyard row trellises and between fruit tree rows with working widths between 1.5 and 2.95m and transport widths between 2.09 and 2.95m.
The Vineyard Seeder has been designed for viticulture and horticulture enterprises, featuring the narrow working and transport widths. Vineyard Seeders give you all you need while still incorporating all the benefits of the larger Agrowdrill models like undercarriage options, small seeds boxes, and harrows.
Cover crops made easy
Prevent weeds and maintain your soil health with all the features you need to sow between rows simply and easily. Choose from the ever-reliable coil tyne with baker boot points or our double-disc undercarriage for performance in rocky or high trash conditions. Easily set sowing depth and seed metering for consistent, accurate placement and high germination rates.

Sow a range of grasses and cover crops with dual box hoppers and optional small seeds box for high capacity and efficiency.
Long-lasting performance
Sow confidently knowing the performance you get on day one will be the same that you’ll get years from now. Powder-coated hoppers and frames make the Agrowdrill Vineyard Seeder resistant to all but the harshest of Australian weather. Tungsten tiled and tungsten hardfaced baker boot points mean your wear parts will last longer and perform reliably. And because all Agrowdrills are made right here in Australia, you can be confident that they’re built for Australian conditions and that support is there when you need it from the local team you know and trust.