Agrowdrill Pasture Renovator

The Agrowdrill Pasture Renovator is your choice for versatile and reliable direct drilling. Experience the benefits of Agrowdrill with the range of tyne options, large box capacities, and machine extras. Sow grasses, clovers, cover-crops and more with ease to keep your livestock fed and healthy.

  • High breakout coil and double disc undercarriages
  • Dual-box hoppers with small seed box option
  • Direct drive clutch and dog clutch to make turning while sowing easier
  • Shaft rotator indicators for easy visual confirmation of operation
  • 100x100x9mm RHS steel frames

Precision seeding for Australian conditions. The Agrowdrill Pasture Renovator range is designed to handle Australia’s tough conditions. Minimum-till direct drilling means less soil disturbance and healthier soil microorganisms, meaning healthier plants and greater yields.
Coil tynes with 136kg breakout and baker boot points handle dry sowing with ease while still creating the seed furrow microclimate perfect for maximising germination. Alternatively, choose a double disc undercarriage for accurate placement in challenging conditions. High-tension spring assemblies offer 2010N of downforce, making accuracy in high trash or rocky country a breeze.
Sow for pasture renovation, cover crops, and more
No matter what your farm needs, the Agrowdrill Pasture Renovator can deliver. Improve trash management with optional coulters and double disc undercarriage; add double-chuting for accurate placement of seed and fertiliser; expand your box capacity with large hoppers and additional deep small seeds boxes; add bean rollers for extra seed box versatility; and ensure the perfect seed bed finish with harrows, presswheels, and trailing Flexiroller.
It’s your seed drill, so make sure it’s the perfect sowing platform for your farm, whether you’re renovating pasture for sheep and cattle or sowing crops for hay.
Long-lasting performance
Sow confidently knowing the performance you get on day one will be the same that you’ll get years from now. Powder-coated hoppers and frames make the Agrowdrill Pasture Renovator resistant to all but the harshest of Australian weather. Tungsten tiled and tungsten hardfaced baker boot points mean your wear parts will last longer and perform reliably. And because all Agrowdrills are made right here in Australia, you can be confident that they’re built for Australian conditions and that support is there when you need it from the local team you know and trust.