Hustler Combi Wagon CM156

How do you make the best better?
With more than four decades of innovation behind it, stands to reason Hustler’s latest CM livestock feeders are impressive. It’s the brand you know and love redesigned for today’s farmer.

Key features

Joystick control comes standard.

Reliably feed out any type, shape and size without jamming, or plugging up.

Gearbox drives the cross floor and rear floor reduce maintenance and downtime and provide more power to shift even heavier loads.

Feedpad elevator design now comes as standard equipment to eliminate feed dropping between the cross floor and elevator.

Massive reduction in working parts, and components and the introduction of bearings to replace bushings, can slash your daily start-ups times.

The compact design and improved draw bar improves manoeuvrability making life easier for operators in tight lanes and gateways.

Industry leading ground clearance.

Scale ready for Hustler’s new Feedlink Bluetooth scale system for more control over proof-of-placement and feed management.

Toughest chains and bars on the market, we’ve gone to 12,000lb roller chain on all floors instead of link chain for improved reliability and less maintenance.


  • Feedpad spilling retention kit standard.
  • Gearbox drives on all floors.
  • Strongest 65x35 box section bolt on bars on X floor and rear floor.
  • Covered shafts and proven steel floors last the life of the machine.
  • All drives running on bearings.
  • Scale ready which weighs when on the jack and attached to the tractor.
  • Bolt on mudguards, access platforms and ladder standard.
  • Central greasing on axle and difficult to reach bearings.
  • Toughest axle design with massive 2,200cm2 of pivot surface area.
  • Simplified loadcell integration for easier retro fitment of scales.
  • Elevator stands up vertical for more compact transport mode.
  • Lower maintenance front and rear elevator spill retainers as standard.
  • Guarding and covers for hydraulic valves


  • Round Bales: 4-8
  • Medium Square Bales: 4-8
  • Large Square Bales (8ft): 2-4
  • Loose Silage (Load Level): 15m3
  • Loose Silage (Heaped Load): 17m3
  • Maximum Load: 10,000kg
  • Overall Width: 2720mm
  • Overall Length: 7920mm
  • Overall Height / Loading Height: 2300mm / 2150mm
  • Bin width: 2290mm
  • Bin length: 5775mm
  • Tare Weight: 4,210kg
  • Standard Tyres: 400 / 60 x 15.5 Flotation Grip Tread
  • Axle: Tandem Walking Beam
  • Brakes: Optional 2 or 4 wheel braking
  • Weigh Scales: Optional Feedlink weighing and feed management system
  • Floor: Welded Steel Floors
  • Chains (Bed / X floor / Elevator): Twin 12,000lb Roller Chains
  • Feed Bars (Bed / X Floor / Elevator): 65 x 35 RHS / 65 x 35 RHS / 40 x 40 RHS
  • Joystick: Standard In-cab electric joystick
  • Hydraulics Required: 2 pair double acting
  • Elevator: 1645mm wide chain/slat
  • Jack: 80mm 2 speed screw, with quick adjustment. Designed strong enough for use as quick hitch stand