Pearson Loader Buckets

Pearson buckets are designed to maximise capacity and to ensure easy discharge thanks to the tapered internal bucket design. They have a large range to match the correct bucket to the right application. These buckets have been intentionally designed with a level guide at the rear of the bucket for quick reference of your cutting edge
position. This takes out all the guesswork so you can be sure of a level bucket making for easier handling.

Buckets Range in size from 1.3 x 1.3 to 2.4 x 1.7

Loader Bucket - Features:

  • Cutting edge – Made from hard wearing 450 HB abrasion resistant steel, for maximum wear life.
  • Bucket sides are tapered for easy discharge.
  • 8mm wear plates as standard.
  • Standard shell buckets are designed to handle gravel and soil with a massive tear out force.
  • Deep shell buckets available for extra capacity.
  • Large / light material handling buckets also available.
  • Wider cutting edge (150mm).
  • Double thickness backing plate.
  • 300 grade 5mm steel construction.
  • Longer flat bottom, wider throat, and top of backing plate acts as level guide.