Agrowplow Compact Rippers

Agrowplow’s compact deep rippers consistently punch above their weight in performance. Rugged and versatile, these ploughs can easily navigate paddock gates to break up compaction wherever it is on your farm.

  • Hybrid No9 rigid and hydraulic shanks
  • Rugged 100x100x9mm RHS steel frame
  • CAT2 three-point linkage hitching
  • Depth wheels to easily control ripping depth

Hybrid No9 rigid and hydraulic shanks
The Hybrid No9 Shank combines the rugged versatility of our No8 Shank carrier with the improved profile of the No9 Shank. Rip up to 400mm deep with 1088kg rigid and 900kg hydraulic shank breakouts at the blade.
Variable shank spacings
Achieve the right soil profile for your farm with variable shank spacings. Choose from 330, 500 and 750mm spacings to ensure your ripper breaks up subsurface compaction efficiently across the whole soil profile.
Deep ripping without inversion
Narrow shank profiles ensure you break up compaction without inverting the soil. This keeps valuable subsurface microorganisms at the soil surface where they can aid in plant growth while not bringing up deeper soil constraints where they can unbalance soil pH.
Narrow shank profiles also shatter subsurface compaction while decreasing horsepower requirements on your tractor. Wider shanks invert soil and increase the wear on tractors, meaning increased fuel and parts costs. Agrowplow’s narrow shanks maximise the operating efficiency of your plough, meaning lower fuel and wear parts costs.
Smarter shank design
Tungsten tiles and tungsten hardfacing across the shank blades create a protective barrier of soil around the blade, reducing wear on the blade and keeping it working efficiently for longer. Full-length shinguards protect the shank no matter what depth you’re working at, meaning less wear and tear on your shanks and money saved on replacing wear parts.