Gason Air Drills

Gason’s proven range of air seeders are robustly engineered, highly accurate and extremely easy to use. 

We understand the complex interrelationships between metering and distribution systems, and have designed, developed and tested our range of air seeders to provide farmers with trouble-free service year after year.

Black Series (Mounted: 1200 Models)
For those of you who require a one machine solution, our Gason mounted bin will complete the package for your compact planter bar.

Blue Series (Medium Broad Acre: 1700 & 1800 Models)
For operations which require the flexibility and features of a smaller Air Seeder, with the benefit of less fills and more seed time.

Platinum Series (Broad Acre: 2100 & 2200 Models)
Our large trailed Air Seeders have been designed to keep you seeding for longer between fills, saving you precious time and resources.

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