Large Square Balers

SB 1290
With the SB series KUHN releases a new generation of large square balers. Designed to achieve high capacity and high bale weights combined with excellent driver convenience, the balers boost the profitability of your baling operation. The robust driveline makes these balers extremely durable.

The SB 1290 baler is one of the toughest, most reliable large square balers for bale size 120 x 90 on the market. The baler combines high output and maximum reliability to serve as a perfect fit for professional crop producers. The SB 1290 has been designed with simple, yet efficient features including INTEGRAL ROTOR technology and the POWER DENSITY system to produce high density bales in all crop conditions.

KUHN large square balers feature a unique, simple driveline with a large flywheel and the longest standard bale chamber to provide outstanding durability and performance. Hydraulic-driven fans keep your double knotters clean.
SB 1290 id
With the development of the SB 1290 iD, KUHN offers you an intelligent and innovative answer to todays and tomorrows challenges. This 'intelligent-DENSITY' model is designed to produce bales (120 x 90) with up to 25% higher bale density in tough dry straw conditions compared to conventional large square balers. The patented TWINPACT double plunger system is the basis of this increase in bale density, whilst avoiding high peak loads on the machine.

Apart from the density, the bale channel, driveline and transmission have been upgraded which lends to further cost savings for the operator. A 200hp tractor is more than capable of producing 500kg plus bales, providing you significant fuel savings. The result: a more profitable baling operation in both conventional crop production and the most challenging environments where energy crops and biomass are grown.

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