The LM105 delivers Hustler dependability without the bells and whistles of its innovative big brother, the LX105. The LM105 was designed with simplicity in mind, but it tackles the basics brilliantly. It’s an improved work-horse feeder that is both functional and versatile, and it gets the job done with no fuss. Easy to use, this self-loading 3-point linkage mounted bale feeder is suitable for feeding out all but the tightest of round bales and baled silage, loose silage, maize, fodder-beet and more.

Key features

A single lever control enables the LM105 to feed bales out to the left or right and gives precise control of the rate of feed.

The LM105 is equipped with our proven, greasable, selfaligning bearings with trash shields that will easily outlast any type of bush system.

Even the stickiest bales are not a problem for our new bale chamber. It is steeper and deeper for feeding out a larger variety of bales and preventing roll out on steep terrain. Increased front and rear bale chamber enclosure reduces feed falling out, and a high security bar holds the bale securely in the chamber.

Zinc-plated 12,000 lb chains with heavy duty rollers and pins make our chain drive system almost twice as strong as others. The greater wear surface on each roller increases chain life because they can’t stretch or snake. Fully enclosed chain and sprocket guides eliminate derailment.

To simplify loading and connecting, we’ve allowed you to connect or load from either end of the cradle. This also allows operators to switch the direction the bale is being unrolled without unloading the bale, which makes feeding tighter bales on both sides of the passage in single access barns much quicker and easier.

Our unique, extra-strong 5 cm shark teeth are designed to prevent feed being dragged under the feeder by releasing it at precisely the right moment. Teeth can be angled for more aggression, or the whole bar can be unbolted or removed without breaking the chain or using a grinder.

Fully enclosed floor design extends over the drive shafts, protecting them from wrapping, and eliminates wastage by preventing feed from falling out. Made from solid 4.5 mm polyethylene, it is UV and shock resistant, and will not rust or corrode. Its extra slipperiness reduces the amount of torque needed and makes it easier to turn bales that would otherwise grip to a steel surface.

The covers keep the bearings clean and ensure longer bearing life, reducing maintenance and downtime.


  • Bale Size Round: 4’ X 4’ – 6’ X 5’
  • Bale Size Square: Requires optional side rollers
  • Bale Weight: Up to 1000kg
  • Unit Weight: 440kg
  • Loading: Self-loading
  • Capacity: 1 bale
  • Hydraulics required: 1 x double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Loading: Self-loading
  • Chains: 24,000lbs load rated roller chains
  • Size (L x W x H): 2071 x 2055 x 1051mm