Grainline Transportable Augers


Grainline’s transportable augers are pre-assembled & delivered ensuring your auger is ready for work upon delivery with no hidden costs. All Grainline augers are backed by our 24 month peace-of-mind warranty

  • Pulley sheaves and rollers run on bearings for long life and minimum friction in height adjustment.
  • Triple reduction on winch cable for easy height adjustment.
  • Well braced arms give extra strength and stability.
  • Drive line is fully guarded for optimum safety and protection.
  • Reversible gearbox for easy clean out.
  • Select either petrol, hydraulic, PTO or electric drive options.
  • Double cupped intake flighting for increased capacity.
  • 3rd wheel assembly enables the auger to be positioned quickly and easily without any physical lifting required. (See Hydraulic wheel drive and lift option.)

Hopper included with every transportable auger.