230 to 410 engine hp. The 8R/8RT/8RX Tractors are world-class machines designed to provide the hydraulic capacity and horsepower to handle large planters and implements. Powered by the PowerTech™ PSS 9.0L engine, the 8R is a champion in the field, delivering uncompromised performance while meeting Tier 4 emission requirements.

John Deere 8 Series Tractors receive major update

As part of John Deere's largest product update in a decade, the John Deere 8 Series Tractor range, including the wheel 8R, two-track 8RT and four-track 8RX, has received an update that builds on a strong foundation of existing technology by providing new specialised options.

New 8R, RT and 8RX Tractors

The newly redesigned 8 Series Tractors now available in three configurations – wheels, two-tracks and the game-changing four-track 8RX Series.