Data-driven Decision Making

By collecting data specific to your land and equipment, you can make informed decisions with outcomes that align with your operational goals. Identifying your goals will provide framework to analyse and identify which data is important and what measureables you would like to focus on.  

Optimisation Packages

Optimisation of equipment can improve profits, increase efficiency and improve accuracy. In-field or pre-season optimisations are both available.

Visual Analysis Package

Use data from your operation to gain valuable insights and make impactful decisions. Combining the data collected through Yield Map Cleaning, Satellite Imagery and Profit Analyzer, you will gain a full view of your field from a variety of levels.

Fleet Analyser

Managing your fleet is becoming a necessary practice in your everyday operations. Fleet Analyser helps improve operational efficiency by showing how your equipment performed through the year.

Operations Center

With a variety of applications to provide insights from the data collected, Operations Center is an important tool in your data journey.

Farm At Hand

Farm At Hand makes managing your farm easier. Track maintenance, grain marketing insights, grain contracts, farm activities and more in our easy-to-use app.

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