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The New X Series John Deere Combines Have Arrived

Last year, John Deere unveiled the X series combine at Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany. These new combines deliver more harvesting capacity while using 20% less fuel, and now they're ready to hit the field. 

The X9 Combine can handle tough conditions with an increased threshing area of 45% and a separation area of 80%. Designed for broad-acre production with two 24-inch rotors, the X9 creates the perfect balance between front-end equipment and machine power. With an increased crop harvesting capacity, John Deere has introduced a 23% wider feeder hose, and a new shoe that offers 36% more cleaning area. 

Save time by unloading a full tank in about a minute and a half, which is 5.3 bushels per second, and improve logistics with in-field data sharing. Machine Sync allows the combine to control the speed, direction and position of the grain cart for easy unloading on-the-go. 

The X9 1000 and 1100 combines will be in addition to the current harvesting lineup Cervus Equipment John Deere offers. The X9 Combines will make their debut at Cervus John Deere Saskatchewan locations in the coming weeks. To learn more, contact your local Cervus John Deere dealer